We utilize the latent energy in plants and waste.
  • Resource study
  • Comprehensive research project of the facility.
  • Civil engineering work and Environment.
  • "Due Diligence" Technical Advice


  • Signing of agreements with landowners.
  • Technical/administrative management with electrical companies.
  • Administrative applications to different
  • Government Bodies (Industry, Environment, urban development etc)
  • Obtaining Works and Activity Licences.
  • Company creation and management.
  • Legal Advice  
  • Obtaining "project finance" financing type 
  • External financing negotiations for third parties.
  • Technical/economic viability plans.
  • Request, analysis and contracting of turnkey bids.
  • Equipment and main contractors subcontracting.
  • Management and supervision of works.
  • Starting-up facilities
  • Obtaining work permits
  • Obtaining Special Regime Registration.
  • Back-office administration of plants in operation
  • Management and supervision of the operation and maintenance of facilities. 
  • Sale of contract holding companies
  • Company Sale processes           
  • Ownership positions in companies. 
Potencia: 1 MW